Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walls? Yeah, we got 'em.

We started the day with a little disagreement about how to lay out the east wall. We had two competing influences, one being the 19' beam and the other being the tie-down in the foundation.

Specifically, the 19' beam needs to rest on a 6x6 post in the wall between the slider and the window to the north of the slider. The tie-down attaches to the wall south of the last window on that wall. If we wanted the 19' beam to be in-line with our kitchen wall, the tie-down would end up in the middle of a window.

After some lightly heated discussion, we agreed that the beam did not need to line up with the kitchen wall since it will not be visible. Instead, the post that will support that end of the beam will be located behind the last cabinet in the kitchen, in a little 12" pocket created where the cabinet is 24" deep, but the fridge next to it is 36" deep.

We stood the wall up a little at a time to about 45 degrees using sawhorses and multiple blocks. Once we got it to that point, the two of us hefted it up the rest of the way.

Then we turned our attention to the west wall. Before we could do anything there, we needed to remove the bedroom window and frame in the new window and closet door. So we started ripping and tearing...

I didn't get a shot of the final framing because it started sprinkling at the end of the day, and we had to get all the tools in and some sort of waterproofing installed.

Today, we're going to sheet and stand up the west wall that we framed last night. Then we'll lay out and frame the south wall. Hopefully some friends will show up around 1pm to help us stand up the south wall and set the girder truss.

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