Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off to a bumpy start

After many careful months of planning and much concern about getting permits on-time, everything appeared to be going swimmingly. My dad and grandma arrived Wednesday, and by Thursday we had foundation forms and an excavator rented, as well as concrete delivery and inspection scheduled. We also had the second bath half gutted to prepare for the shower installation. Then we hit our first hurdle...

My mom took a hard fall at my sister's house in Sacramento, resulting in a fractured hip. Yesterday, we found out she needed a hip replacement, so my dad flew out late last night. Her surgery is scheduled to start in an hour, and the doctor says she should be up and around (with a walker, then a cane) in about two days. Her hip should be relatively pain-free, but the site of the incision will probably not feel too good for a while.

This morning, I'm cancelling everything we had scheduled for the foundation. With any luck, my folks will be up here within a week or two, and then we'll pick up where we left off. In the meantime, I'll do a little work on the bathroom.

Here's a couple "before" shots of the bathroom we gutted...

... and here are some shots of what it looks like now.

(We had to widen the door to the garage to get the shower enclosure inside)

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