Monday, July 21, 2008

TJI palooza

We didn't make much visible progess yesterday because I spent most of the day running around (and then snuck out for a dive last night). We had to rent a concrete grinder to lower a couple spots of the wall that were a little high.

Note: Adequate ventilation, eye protection, and a really good respirator is an absolute must when grinding concrete. It makes a TON of dust very quickly. I recommend waiting until you have a decent breeze and your neighbors are at work.

One of our problems is the SW corner, where the back wall form was about 1/2" too short. This is the part of the wall where we step down 3", and it's the only part of the project that hasn't been spot-on.

So basically we were ready to start tipping up the TJI joists at the end of the day yesterday. We met with the inspector first thing this morning, and he cut us some slack on the 7/8" all-thread tie-downs we were supposed to install. Because of the way the existing foundation was poured, we'd need a 36" concrete bit to do it per plan. Instead, we'll use a steel strap on the side of the existing foundation (which will require ANOTHER rental of the hammer drill).

I had some business stuff to take care of after that, and then the form rental driver arrived to pick up the forms. We helped him load everything onto his truck, and then zipped down to Lumbermen's in Fife to firm up the window order. After lunch, we finally set up the rim joists and started in on the TJI's. Soon this view looking down out our back slider will be gone:

My dad's buddy from Alaska was supposed to send us his nailer, but it's not arriving until Friday. That means I spent all day swinging a hammer. When we quit for dinner at 9:15pm, we only had two more 28' TJI's to stand up. Here's how it looked about an hour before we quit:

Tomorrow, we'll finish up the floor joists, then frame up the shed since all that wood is sitting on top of our flooring and needs to be moved anyhow. Hopefully we can backfill soon before one of us breaks a leg from climbing in and out of the hole!

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