Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ahhh, the little things

So we finally passed another milestone: the plumbing inspection passed. The second time. Apparently, it's against code to have a separate p-trap for your sink and disposer. Someone should tell that to Home Depot because their 1-2-3 Plumbing book, recommended by a previous inspector, shows an installation with separate traps.

"It's not like it won't work fine the way you have it, but code says you can't have two traps," said the inspector. Ugh.

At any rate, my current goal in life is to make inspectors happy, so I spent an hour and about $30 redoing the kitchen island plumbing. Isn't it nice and perfect with its single trap?!? =)

Today I put a little more trim on the kitchen shelving. Once I get it all trimmed out, caulked and painted, it's going to look pretty good. Jen should have plenty of space for her cookbooks now.

Next, I have to finish a couple pieces of siding and install one last outlet under the eaves. Then, I have to hang the light fixture on the shed, and I'll probably be ready for an inspection. We have to get the electrical inspection passed so I can call for a final building inspection. The permit expires in 11 days, so we're officially in crunch time.