Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting ready to frame

We started the day by stripping the forms and piling all the form stuff in the driveway for pickup on Monday. It was a little tough separating the panels from the concrete, and then each panel had to be scraped clean.

Once that was done, we tore into the lumber package and moved all the TJI joists and treated 2x6 bottom plate to the backyard. We got most of the plate ready to install, but there are two issues that stopped us:

1) Astrof forgot to give us washers for the galvanized bolts
2) One side of the foundation wall is about 1/4" higher than the existing floor level

We had to quit a little early to get my parents to some party in Ballard, anyhow, so we decided to tackle these issues tomorrow. We'll go to Home Depot first thing to get the washers and rent a concrete grinder. As long as we're going to Home Depot, we'll rent a hammer drill to sink the two 3/4" tie-downs (per plan) and some galvanized all-thread to create a couple anchor bolts within 6" of our plate joints.

Here's how our foundation looks now, sans form panels.

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