Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't wait to get out of the ground

Our goal for today was to get the forms set up to pour the stem wall. We started by cross-measuring to get the exact position of the wall, then we snapped our lines. Next, we nailed down all the panel cleats.

When we started adding the second row of panels, however, we discovered that we had no snap-tie wedges. So we called Astrof, and they delivered them within a couple hours. In the meantime, we made our final dump run and had lunch. After that, we resumed assembling the forms.

I had to bail at 5pm to go diving, but we couldn't get an inspection until Friday anyhow, so now there's no hurry. When I got back from diving, we epoxied the stem wall tie-ins and made a quick run to Home Depot. I returned the laser thingie I bought the other day and rented a transit instead. The transit was only $38, as opposed to the $74 United Rentals wanted.

We might try to line up concrete for Friday after our inspection, just like we did for the footing. Keep your fingers crossed!

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