Monday, July 28, 2008

Starting to look like a house

We've made a ton of progress in the past few days. We finished standing up the remaining two walls, set the girder truss in place (big thanks to Erik, Trevor and Karisa!), and set the 19' beam.

Here's a shot that shows the east wall, comprised of the existing slider and two 36" fixed french windows, one on each side:

Here's a shot of the south wall with five 30" windows:

And here's a shot of the 19' beam we set today. Setting the heavy stuff is a pretty tricky operation, given how few people we have. Today it was just me, dad, Jen, two ladders and a motorcycle lift.

Our next challenge is to get the hangers installed so the existing trusses are supported by our girder truss. This will involve cutting back the roof to make room to work. I think this week will be full of ugly grunt work, but we should have the roof on by the weekend.


Erik said...

Dude if you need any more help just let me know. Seriously.

Jared said...

I totally appreciate your help. If we have any problem getting the 15' beam up, I'll give you a ring. But I REALLY need to go diving soon. All work and no diving makes me cranky. =)