Friday, July 18, 2008

Ready to pour concrete again

Yesterday was another full day. We worked a little on the forms in the morning, then went to Costco to get a Little Giant ladder and Simple Floors to order our African Black Walnut flooring. When we got back, we finished setting up the stem wall forms.

Once the forms were done, we leveled the area where the 12x12 shed will go and set up some forms for that slab.

Here's a shot that shows where the shed will be located. If you continued the east wall of the foundation southward, it would line up with the west side of the shed. This way the shed will provide a natural boundary for the patio area and lawn area.

The inspector should be here in an hour or so, then we should be pouring concrete around noon. The lumber package is being dropped off today, too, so we should be framing this weekend!

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