Friday, July 18, 2008

Foundation... complete!

Wow, what a busy day. The pump truck, concrete truck and lumber truck all showed up at the same time. While the pump truck guys were setting up the hose, the lumber guys dumped our framing package in our driveway.

Here's a shot of the concrete truck set up to dump mud into the pump truck's hopper.

The pump truck guy was totally cool (and a diver!), and he offered to run the hose. After pouring the footing the other day, I gladly accepted. I helped lug the hose around behind him instead.

This time they brought a hook, which made filling the forms relatively easy. We filled them about halfway all the way around, then let it set up for about 5 minutes. After that, we worked our way back to where we started, filling the forms up to our grade line.

Once the wall was complete, we poured the pad for the storage shed. Dad and I screeded with a 12' 2x4 while the pump guy poured the mud. When the pad was full, we went back and set the anchor bolts before working the surface smooth.

It feels REALLY good to have the foundation done. This should be the end of the really dirty grunt work. We'll strip the forms tomorrow and then tip up the TJI joists in preparation for Monday's inspection!

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