Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soon we'll be dried in

I got bogged down in some work stuff this morning, so Jen jumped on the roof and helped my dad finish up the last few pieces of sheathing. Then we went to McLendons to get some galvanized valley flashing, tarpaper and other odds and ends. Apparently they get shingles from some other local company, so we're going there in the morning to buy direct.

After a second trip to another McLendons to get the remaining flashing, we started putting up the trim over the fascia. It's a pain no matter how you slice it because we haven't back-filled yet, and it's hard to get ladders where you need them. Leaning over the roof to nail is the other option, but the plywood over the eaves is pretty slick, and, well, I'm not so young and stupid anymore.

We don't have a roofing stapler, so we'll be back to nailing tomorrow when we put the shingles down. Here's a shot looking down onto what will be our private patio in a couple months.

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gracerx said...

Private patio? I clearly remember the original plans saying public patio!