Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another day in the hole

We started the day by running up to Bellevue to get our plumbing permit. I was able to get the electrical permit online immediately, but I guess Public Health is a little behind the times.

When we got back, we turned off the water, drained the pipes and cut into the main 3/4" line. Yesterday we spent most of the day preparing the 1/2" lines to the shower and washer box, so we hoped today's plumbing efforts would be quick and painless. It was neither.

After sweating our 3/4" tees in place, we turned the water back on and noticed a little leak in one of our 1/2" 90's. Off went the water so we could fix the leak. When we turned the water back on, we noticed a leak in a 1/2" line under the shower faucet. Off went the water again. The last leak we found was a very slow one in a 3/4" tee. We fixed that, and it's been good so far, but we'll keep our eye on everything for the next couple weeks and probably continue to jokingly refer to our "crawlspace sprinkler system" indefinitely.

It's hard to get good photos down there, but here's a shot of the 3/4" tees we spliced into the main hot and cold lines:

Here's a shot of the 1/2" lines running up to the new shower:

We hope to finish framing in the bathroom and laundry room tomorrow, then start running some electrical in the addition.

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