Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The roof is finally done

Wow, the roof was brutal. It's painfully slow to creep up the roof at 5" per row of shingles, then there's a lot of extra time measuring and cutting shingles around the skylights and vents. We finally finished this morning, except for a few cap shingles. This picture was taken the other day before we set the skylights.

We finished up just when it was getting dark. This picture doesn't show the zinc strips or cap shingles we laid this morning.

After working on the roof, we framed the gable and master closet. Tomorrow, we'll frame the last part of the interior, and then go back to working on the bathroom. We set the shower and started plumbing it the other day.

We have our cabinets and wood flooring, but we're waiting on windows and tile.

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