Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And now for a brief intermission

Well, we're taking a break, of sorts, until Monday. My folks have to drive to Utah for a convention, and I'm headed to Nanaimo (Canada) for some wreck diving. I think we're all wiped out from working 12-hour days for the past six weeks, and this little break is much needed.

We've been having a little rain lately, so we decided we better fill what was left of the old crawlspace access hole this morning. We bought some concrete mix yesterday, and this morning we constructed a little form using the 3/4" flooring we had leftover.

With the concrete left to dry, we finished sheathing the addition and wrapped it in weather barrier. Once that was done, we set all the windows. This actually went pretty quickly, and all the windows are set except for the existing slider, which we'll move when we remove the back wall.

Once the windows were all set, we started finishing the sheathing on the gable of the addition and shed. Here's a shot from inside the addition looking at the back wall:

Finally, it started raining a little, so we removed our concrete form and backfilled that corner with some dirt. This should ensure all water drains away from the house until we get the gutters on and tied into the main drain pipe.

I'll finish the ridge cap on the addition tomorrow using the 3-tab shingles we picked up this morning, but I probably won't post again until Monday. I'll finally be able to sleep in a real bed again (in a Canadian hotel) -- it's just sad I have to go to another country to do it!

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gracerx said...

I think you need to hang a couple of muy thai kickboxing heavy bags from that center beam. Looks perfect for those.