Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pretty much done framing

I had a long business call this morning, so Jen and dad started working on the last bit of framing in the addition. When I was off the phone, I helped finish up.

If we had built according to plan, we would be sheetrocking right onto the 19' beam holding the peak up. However, we decided to push that wall out about a foot to make more room for the master closet and kitchen cabinets. Because of this change, we had to frame in some furring onto the beam. Here's a shot of the beam and the furring we added. You can see the glulam beam behind the furring.

Here's a shot of the outer wall with the five square windows.

I hate to go on a rant, but...

I got a voice mail from Home Depot today saying the windows were waiting at Will Call. When we called the other day to check the status, they said the windows wouldn't be in until the 22nd. I guess I'm happy they're in now, but I'm a little frustrated with Home Depot's special order process. Nobody I know has had a good experience with it.

At any rate, tomorrow we'll pick up what should be the last shingles. We'll finish the cap on the addition, then return to the shed roof. Tonight we finished a third of the blocking, and tomorrow we hope to have the roof sheathed. Friday we'll shingle the shed roof and move the junk out to the front yard in preparation for the Bobcat being delivered Friday afternoon. Saturday we'll backfill so it's easier to do the siding. Can't wait to start on the interior!

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