Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Roofing is no fun

We started the day by dashing over to Pioneer Building Supply in Kent to buy shingles. Then I had to make a couple business calls before heading up on the roof to start installing our galvanized valleys.

Installing those buggers took about half the day because it's pretty darn hard to cut through the existing shingles and remove enough staples to slide the new tarpaper and valleys underneath. To make things worse, one of the valleys is only about 4" from our dome light in the bathroom. After much grunt work in the burning sun, we did a pretty good job.

The shingles showed up around noon. The truck had a conveyor belt thingie that lifted the shingle packs up to the roof, then we walked them over to the peak of the addition.

It threatened to sprinkle this afternoon, so we took a break to move a bunch of crap from the garage to the shed, and move the kitchen cabinets into the garage.

Tomorrow, we'll finish papering the roof and probably get all the shingles installed. Then we'll probably go back to work on the bathroom until the windows show up.


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