Sunday, August 31, 2008

Electrical is fun

We spent today getting some more electrical stuff from Home Depot and McLendons, and then wired up the two main circuits in the addition. One circuit has half the outlets and all ceiling lights, while the other has the closet light, crawlspace lights and the other half of the outlets. We're using 14 gauge wire throughout because each circuit is 15 amps. We'll wire a third circuit tomorrow for the outlets outside, which will be a 20 amp circuit, so we'll use 12 gauge wire and stick a GFI outlet on it.

Here's a shot of the cans we installed in the ceiling. There's currently a bare light bulb hanging where the dining room table will be.

Here's a couple shots of the alcove off the kitchen. The first shot looks toward the bathroom door. You'll have to use your imagination since we only have it framed in right now.

Here's a shot looking towards the closet in the alcove. This will be perfect storage for coats, shoes, vacuum cleaner, etc.

The plumbing, electrical and building inspectors are all coming on Tuesday, so we'll be busy tomorrow cleaning up a bunch of loose ends -- after I go diving in the morning, that is!

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