Friday, August 15, 2008


I feel like we hit a major milestone today. The windows showed up first thing this morning, so we carried them back into the addition. Then we went to Pioneer Builder's Supply to get more shingles for the shed and Dunn Lumber to get the fascia. When we got back home, the Bobcat (technically a John Deere) showed up, so we immediately fired her up and started backfilling.

It took about two hours to get completely backfilled, and that included moving some very large rocks around for our future landscaping project. I can't express what a relief it is to get rid of the trench around the house!

Everyone is getting excited about our future patio. It's going to be just the right size and will get both sun and shade throughout the day. We'll probably build a "rustic" firepit, too. I predict we'll be spending a lot of time out there.

I think the Bobcat looks good in our driveway, but Jen says it's gotta go.

We finished the day by sheathing the roof of the shed. Tomorrow I've got a dive in the morning, a couple dump runs after that, and movie night at Holly and Cher's later. There won't be too much time for more work, but we hope to get the fascia and tarpaper installed on the shed. Hopefully we'll get the weather barrier and a few windows installed on Sunday.


gracerx said...

Having a Bobcat in the driveway would rule, why? Because then you have a Bobcat! I am getting really excited about your patio. I think about it and the possibility of a "Rustic" firepit, and I break out in a sensuous sweat.

Jared said...

When we get the patio done, you'll have to bring the scotch and stogies over!