Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ready for the floor

We spent the afternoon putting the final coat of paint on the kitchen/dining/living area. I don't mind painting, but there's a LOT of wall to cover, and it takes about 3 hours to do a single coat. I'm glad it's done so we can uncover the beam, install outlets and start laying the floor. Here's a couple shots of the primed walls before we did our two top coats of color:

Here's a little sample of our new floor and cabinets with some furniture. It's pretty dark and not a great photo, but you'll get the idea:

Yesterday was a pretty productive day outside. We finished trimming the windows, removed the old siding from the bedroom wall, and installed more siding on the house and shed. The Princess turned out to be a pretty good helper. Note the golden hammer she's using:

We're pretty much ready to install the gable siding on the shed, but I think we'll prime what we've installed already first because it's supposed to rain Thursday. Some of the siding has been on the house for a little over two weeks, and we need to get it primed before it absorbs a bunch of moisture, so the gables will have to wait.

I think we'll use up the rest of the siding we have here on the two remaining walls tomorrow. I've got about 400 feet of siding waiting at Dunn Lumber that's paid for, and I'm hoping to get credit on that to pay for the gable siding. I'll be happy when all the siding is on and primed so we can install the gutters and finish the drainage system.


gracerx said...

You know what's going to happen don't you? Now that you have the shed, Jen's going to say: Yer pissing me off! Go sleep in shed!

gracerx said...

I want a closeup of the Floor material.