Monday, September 15, 2008

T minus 3

We've completed two of our four projects so far. We've braced the kitchen and laundry room floors with 4x8 beams and Tiger Brand adjustable floor jacks. The jacks were relatively cheap ($30 each) and worked great! We also rented a floor sander and leveled the transition between the old kitchen and addition as best we could. Considering how bad the old floor was, we did a pretty good job.

Here's a shot of the shorter floor brace under the laundry room. Each jack is sitting on a 16x16x4 concrete pad we dug into the slope (those were fun installing). Sorry for the bad exposure, but I just stuck the camera down into the crawlspace access hole and took a quick shot for tonight's post:

We did a lot of running around today (Home Depot twice, McLendons and Dunn Lumber), but still managed to finish the floor bracing, put up some more siding and install the first 50 feet of our drain system. The first drain head is at the low spot of our driveway, and the pipe runs 100 feet to the back of the lot. We got about half of that buried this afternoon before it got dark.

Tomorrow we have to run the extra insulation back to Lumbermens in Fife, then come home and install the window fascia and dig more of the drain trench. I think we might delay installing the gutters until we get the roof fascia painted -- otherwise, we'll need to either paint or remove the gutters to paint it.

I'll try to get some better pictures up tomorrow!

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gracerx said...

Yeah the picture quality is super disappointing! Work on that please, or I'll have to remove this feed from Google Reader.