Thursday, October 2, 2008

Painting in the rain

We worked well after dark last night trying to finish priming the siding on the house, and we ended up finishing the shed in the rain this morning. Jen worked the brush on the tight spots, while Ken and I used rollers on the big spots.

After putting all the paint stuff away this morning, we set to start in on the floor. It was still raining lightly, so we set up the 10x10 canopy to create a covered work area right outside the slider.

Laying floor takes a lot of hand tools...

... and a lot of power tools ...

... some very careful measuring ...

... and a smidge of elbow grease.

It took us several hours to get about half of the first row down. That's because the first row has to be perfect or the rest of it will be out of whack. The real kicker is that we're shooting for a super tight fit against the slider and two windows so we have the option to not trim that out. It'll probably take us another hour or two to finish the first row tomorrow, and then we should make a lot of progress quickly with the following rows.

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