Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back on track

We installed about three quarters of the insulation today, and also lined up some guys to hang the sheetrock, tape and texture. The cost wasn't really in our budget, but we're running a surplus and have lots of other stuff to do, so it's definitely the right move. Besides, I'm super tired and just want to be done. =)

Tomorrow's the big day: we're removing the back wall. We just have to finish up some insulation, then start ripping it out. The guys will be here Wednesday to hang sheetrock and hopefully mud Thursday. Here's a couple shots of the insulation we installed:

We hooked up the washer tonight and started a load of clothes. After about 20 minutes, Jen noticed a *very* slow leak in the threaded fitting to the hot water valve in the washer box. UGH! Plumbing totally sucks. I'm seriously considering tearing out some of the copper we sweated and replacing it with PEX and SharkBite fittings.

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