Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Our trip to Hornby Island was fantastic. The hosts were great, the food was delicious, the scenery was beautiful, and the diving was excellent. We came back with renewed enthusiasm for finishing up the house, and jumped right into painting. Over two days, we painted the ceiling, primed the walls and got the first coat of color on the walls.

We pushed the appliance delivery back a couple days, and everything showed up last Friday. Jen's very excited about using her new stainless appliances. I caught her hugging the Jenn-Air fridge the other day.

Our plan was to start laying the floor today, but we're in the middle of a four-day dry spell, so we're going to continue working on the siding. We need to get it primed before Wednesday when it's supposed to start raining again. We have two of the five walls left, and we'll hopefully get most of that up today.

With any luck, we'll have the kitchen operational by the end of the week, albeit with plywood countertops for now. We're deferring the concrete countertops until we finish some more important projects.

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