Sunday, September 14, 2008

Four days, four projects

The tapers showed up yesterday morning and quickly decided the mud wasn't dry enough to do a top coat. We had a little surprise for them, though, because we had been working late into the night to build our archway into the kitchen, and we needed it taped. Luckily, they didn't mind, so we narrowly escaped having to do ANY taping on this project (so far).

We have only four work days left before my dad goes home and we head up to BC for a dive trip. Here's what we're hoping to get done before then:

#1 - Trim and install siding on shed and house (we've already started the shed)
#2 - Install some bracing for the laundry and kitchen floor to remove bounce
#3 - Level floor between the addition and existing kitchen
#4 - Install gutters and drain system

If we can get all that done, Jen and I will be in good shape to start painting, flooring and installing cabinets when we get back.

Here's a shot of the archway from the old living room into the kitchen:

Here's a closer shot showing the inside of one leg of the archway. I'm going to build bookshelves in each leg, stained to match the floor. This will be the new home for all of Jen's (vegan) cookbooks.

Finally, here's a shot looking at the archway from the addition:

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