Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last day is upon us

The texture guys were inside spraying the walls all day while dad and I worked outside on the siding and other miscellaneous projects. Here's a shot from the inside of the five windows on the back wall:

Installing siding is a lot like shingling a roof, except it goes much faster. Oh, and it's a LOT more expensive. At $2.39/foot for beveled cedar siding, you really try to make the most of each piece. Here we're hanging some siding on the laundry room wall:

And here's a shot showing how we trimmed out those five rear windows. We had a beautiful sunset this evening!

Tomorrow, we'll make a dump run and then try to get as much siding on as possible before we wrap it up and pack for our trip to Hornby Island. When we get back, we'll be ready to paint, lay the floor and install the cabinets so we can have a kitchen again. Then we'll move on to a whole slew of interior projects that we'll probably drag out for several years. =)

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