Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More plumbing

At long last, the island cabinets are set in place. It was tricky because the floor is not totally level there, and the island basically was high centered where the addition and old house meet. After some careful shimming, though, I managed to get everything reasonably level. I used some small finish nails to keep the shims in place in the middle of the island, and I sunk a few 3" screws through the sides of the cabinets at the bottom to keep the island in place.

We picked up a sink the other day, so tonight we're pretty much ready to run the plumbing and electrical. I think I'll put a separate p-trap on the sink and disposal and vent them both using the same air admittance valve. I plan to use 1-1/2" PVC under the sink and transition to 2" ABS under the floor using a rubber sleeve. Should be fun!

Our super fancy dancy expensive Electrolux oven requires service not 24 hours after being turned on. We were watching TV Friday night, and when we got up to go to bed, we noticed the oven light was on. No amount of futzing with the Star Trek Enterprise-like control panel would remedy the problem. A quick Google search revealed that one of the boards was likely bad and would need to be replaced.

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