Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking like a kitchen

This will be a quick post just to show you our progress on the kitchen. Over the past couple days, we've only put in a few hours each night because I've had a lot of other work to do. We did manage to get the fridge plumbed, 220V circuit installed, set all the outside cabinets and installed the microwave and oven.

Here are a couple shots of how it's looking so far (sorry for the fishbowl effect -- I was using my wide angle lens):

Fortunately, the Electrolux oven only required a 20-amp circuit, so running the 12-3 line and adding the tandem breaker was no big deal (our other range had massive 6-gauge wire on a 50-amp circuit!). I dropped it down the wall behind the oven and into a cut-in box in the wall. Then I ran it into a metal j-box inside the cabinet, behind the drawers under the oven. When I built my oven shelf, I made it about 2" short so the metal conduit coming out of the oven could drop behind to my j-box. It made for a really nice, tidy installation.

Big thanks to Erik for helping me while I modified the cabinet and then swinging by again tonight to help me heft the 200-lb oven into place!

Next... plumb the cooktop gas line, build temporary plywood countertops, set the island cabinets and plumb the sink and dishwasher!

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Erik said...

The space between the 'wave and the oven is perfect. Good choice!