Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So close, yet so far

We moved all the cabinets into the house to make sure they were all okay. Turns out the cabinet above the fridge is too tall, so McLendons is replacing it with a shorter one. All the others appear to be good, with the exception of some rub marks that we'll try to remove.

Before I can set the cabinets, I need to do a few things (in order of difficulty):

1) Install two outlets (trivial)
2) Run the fridge plumbing (pretty minor)
3) Move the 220V circuit (not too bad)
4) Install power for the cooktop (gotta decide which circuit I want it on)
5) Install vent pipe and electrical for exhaust hood (pain in rear)

The hood is the stumbling block at the moment. The wall it will mount to has studs 24" OC, so I'll need to open the wall and install some blocking to properly support the hood. However, it just so happens that the stinking drain vent pipe is right in the way.

Also, we need to decide what we're putting on the walls above the countertop and behind the hood. We've talked about using tile, but that should really be in place before I do the hood so I know where to position it.

At any rate, here are some photos of the cabinets. We've temporarily positioned the island cabinets together, but they are several feet from where the island will actually go so we have space to work on the base and wall cabinets.

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Anonymous said...

Looking really good! The floors are amazing.