Sunday, October 5, 2008

The floor is looking pretty awesome

We made some pretty good visible progress today. Up until now, the old living room was basically a dirty junk pile. We decided to empty it out, tear up the carpet, and run the flooring into it. Here's what it looked like before we took the carpet out:

Fortunately, Jen still had the phone number for a lady who wanted our used carpet, so we managed to get that out of the house within a couple hours. Here's a couple shots of Jen and Mr. Finch (Jen's dad) selecting and placing boards once the carpet was gone:

By the time we quit at 11:30 PM, we had quite a bit of flooring down. So far, we've gone through 17 boxes of flooring, which is about a third of what we bought. Here's a few shots of where we're at:

Here's a little video Jen shot while Ken and I were laying the floor. Imagine doing this all day long:

Our goal for tomorrow is to finish the floor in the kitchen and bring in the cabinets. First, I need to cap the old drain pipe and fridge water line. I also need to drop an outlet behind the new cooktop and finish moving the old 220 outlet to its new location, but I'll probably do the electrical after I temporarily place the cabinets. If things go well, I'm going to trick Erik into helping me install appliances on Wednesday while Jen and Erica go to Knit Night at Starbucks. =)

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gracerx said...

Looking sweet guys! When you're done come over and fix our house next!