Friday, December 19, 2008

The whirlwind has passed

Dad headed down to Sacremento today after a three week marathon of home projects. We did a lot of stuff that I can't remember, but here's a quick recap.

We emptied the laundry room and installed the underlayment and vinyl flooring. We also ran a 30-amp 220V circuit for the dryer and installed the dryer vent.

The washer had been shaking like crazy even after we leveled it, so we built some feet out of leftover hardboard and sheet rubber. We used a holesaw to cut the feet, then used a Forstner bit to create the pocket, and put rubber in the pocket and on the bottom of the feet. This all but eliminated the shaking and keeps the washer from walking during its spin cycle.

On the two non-rainy days we had, we finished installing the weather barrier and gable siding on the addition and shed.

We had a mysterious appearance of water above one window to the left of the slider. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from because there was no sign of water in the attic, and it appeared to be coming in from the eave (and then under the moisture barrier onto the window).

Because we've had some pretty major rain showers with no leaks since putting the roof on, I'm guessing this is just condensation. This assumption is based on:
  1. We used a 19" overlap on the roofing tarpaper, which makes it nearly impossible for water to get under the paper.
  2. The roof vent and skylights were papered, shingled, flashed and sealed pretty darn well.
  3. The water only appeared when the weather dropped below freezing this past week.
  4. Some parts of the ceiling were not insulated at all because I was waiting to finish a little electrical.
To test our theory, and to check a big task off our list, we rented an insulation blower from Home Depot and blew in 30 bags of cellulose. It's a messy job, but I liked it a lot better than dealing with fiberglass batts.

This morning, as we were packing up the blower, we noticed that the door to my Jeep was open. Apparently, some poop-butt punks tried to jack my ride last night and left me with a broken window. Just something else to fix, I guess. =)

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gracerx said...

Apparently you need to let people know about the defensive measures you are capable of. The uncanny ability to hit people on the wrist with a short stick. And not just anywhere on the wrist, that bone that makes your whole arm go ZINGER!