Monday, December 1, 2008

Rolling right along

Today was pretty productive, and things went fairly smoothly. We started by hanging the final cabinet above the fridge. This one was tricky because it had to line up with the utility cabinet on the left and a full-height panel on the right. However, we had a 1/2" gap to fill, so we added some spacers to both sides of the cabinet.

When we pushed the fridge back in, the dang water line coil got wedged. Fortunately, I'm well practiced at cramming myself into small spaces.

We used the fridge to help support the cabinet while installing it. With all our spacers in place, we screwed it all together.

Then we took a lunch break and dropped off the Humane Society "Donate Some Pet Food" barrel over in the Highlands. When we got back (and before I slipped into a yakisoba-induced coma), we decided to install the end panels on the island.

That may sound very simple, but it also required installing an electrical outlet at each end of the island. Which required me to finish running the wire inside the cabinets. Which is something I've been quietly avoiding for some time.

At any rate, we got the end panels installed, and even slapped in some toe-kick veneer. We'll probably run to Home Depot in the morning to get some black 20-amp outlets and covers to finish up the island.

Here's how the kitchen is looking tonight:

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